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We reach out to high school boys and girls who may be at-risk for dropping out or have no plans for life after graduation. Then we expose them to people, experiences, careers, and ideas that inspire them to dream big.

Through our high school mentoring program, we help students set goals and offer support that will empower them to finish high school and gain acceptance into a four-year college/university or an accredited vocational education program. More importantly, we show these young students that we have faith in them…that they can live up to our high expectations and their own aspirations.

High School Mentoring

Anti-Violence Forums

Crime and teen violence not only make our communities unsafe, they drive up the cost of doing business in our community, which impacts the availability of jobs.

Our annual teen anti-violence forum facilitates a meaningful dialogue with high school and middle school students before they find themselves on a path that will be difficult to reverse. Our goal is to show young people that more positive lifestyles are attainable and give them knowledge to help define and reach their goals.

This forum gathers teenagers – who may be at risk of adopting or falling victim to the type of lifestyle that leads to violence – for a Town Hall discussion, interactive small-group workshops and a presentation of teen-inspired solutions.

Charitable Services

We empower individuals and organizations to become forces of positive change in the communities we serve. To this end, IPCDF underwrites and/or co-sponsors many community service initiatives administered by Chi Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. These community-based service projects support the sorority’s international program agenda, which focuses on educational enrichment, health promotion, family strengthening environmental ownership and global impact.

Funds are awarded through a competitive process that takes into account the potential reach and impact proposed activities will have in meeting the needs of our service area and furthering IPCDF’s mission.

Community Actions
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